The Dream Team

Hi! We are Astrid & Clarisa, a team of besties with a lot of dreams and a final goal: inspire & empower other women with unique lingerie pieces.

NM was born by Astrid’s idea of bringing the in trend ‘strappy bralettes’ to her hometown in Merida, Venezuela in the year 2014 when she was looking for one and couldn’t find it. She wondered how crazy would it be to make it herself? And that’s when this project started.

After a lot of trial and error Astrid learned by herself how to sew lingerie sets.
Fast forward to September 2015 the first collection was ready to launch but it was missing promotional pictures. That’s when Clarisa comes in and gets involved 100% in the project turning into Astrid’s partner and creative director of the brand.

As you may know Venezuela is currently experiencing one of the major economical and humanitarian crisis of Latin American, this has lead over 4 million Venezuelans to leave their country (positioning as the second country with the highest number of refugees right after Syria). That’s why both Clarisa and Astrid decided they needed to stop the project and look for a new place to call home, on their own.

Astrid unintentionally moved to textile capital of Latin America (Lima, Peru) and Clarisa moved to the US. Now over 2820 miles apart they decided to continue this dream and work remotely together, Astrid creating the pieces in Peru and Clarisa delivering to anywhere in the world from the United States.

A lot more goes into sustaining this company so if you are interested in seeing more make sure to follow us on instagram @nuezmoscada_


Hola! Somos Astrid y Clarisa, un team de mejores amigas con muchísimos sueños y una meta final: inspirar y empoderar a otras mujeres con piezas de lencería única.
Nuez Moscada empieza por iniciativa de Astrid, cuando los ‘strappy bralettes’ estaban en trend (2014) y nadie en su ciudad natal, Mérida, Venezuela los vendía. Después de preguntarse a sí misma: ¿Qué tan loco sería aprender a coser? nació este proyecto. 
Tras mucho ensayo y error Astrid aprendió por sí misma a confeccionar piezas de lencería desde cero!! 
Era septiembre de 2015 y la primera colección estaba lista. Solo faltaba promocionar el producto con fotos. Aquí es cuando Clarisa se involucra al 100% en la propuesta para terminar convirtiéndose en socia y directora creativa de la marca.