The Mystique Collection

Greetings babes you made it here!

We wanted to give you a little insight on the collection. 2020 was an unexpected year of isollation and doubt for basically everybody... The idea was to create a set to make you feel sexy and comfortable and maybe help you forget the hard times! 
Plus this feeling is also connected to the idea that self-love comes from within and that affirmations like «you are magical» can do wonders for our inner confidence. 
So...if you're in the mood, maybe we can do a self-love practice, wanna try? LET'S GO!!
You may be wondering why your order came with rose petals. Well, they represent pure love (all kinds, including self-love) and in holistic practices it is used for many health benefits, including emotional uplifting, and that’s exactly what you need when you’re feeling beaten down by the uncertain year we just had.
The petals are 100% safe to consume so we invite you to use them as you fancy, maybe take a bath with the petals, or put them in your favorite tea, put on your cute new lingerie set and dance to our favorite empowering playlist!

Self-Love is an amazing journey with no final destination and we are glad we are in this trip together!