About Us

Meet Astrid, a dreamer and a doer with a passion for creating unique lingerie pieces that inspire and empower women. It all started in her hometown of Merida, Venezuela back in 2014 when she was on the hunt for a trendy strappy bralette but couldn't find one anywhere. That's when Astrid had a crazy idea - what if she made one herself? And just like that, the seed for Nuez Moscada (NM) was planted.

Astrid taught herself how to sew lingerie sets through a lot of trial and error. By September 2015, she had created her first collection and was selling all over the country through Instagram and local boutiques.

Unfortunately, Venezuela was in the midst of a major economic and humanitarian crisis, causing over 4 million Venezuelans to leave the country. Astrid decided to stop the project and find a new place to call home on their own.

Astrid unintentionally moved to the textile capital of Latin America, Lima, Peru, determined to continue this dream of creating unique lingerie pieces and empowering women. Astrid began creating the pieces in Peru but rapidly gained a lot of international traction thanks to the brand’s growth on TikTok!


Fast forward to 2023 and the store has grown significantly with a proudly all female team and headquarters in the U.S. This would’ve not being possible with the support of the most amazing loyal customers on over 20 countries and counting. 


It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to sustain Nuez Moscada, and if you want to see more of their journey, be sure to follow them on Instagram @nuezmoscada_.